Bernie Trump Trade Pact - Medium Commitment

(In honor of a webpage that looks like it's from 1993, the year of the first browser, two pics from 1993 - Bernie on CSPAN and Donald on SNL)

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This method will find a match based on the time of day you pick to have your primary reminder so that you are both voting at roughly the same time.

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Email Reminders
Time of day for your brief E-Mail reminder about your vote trade agreement the day before the primary
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Time of day for your brief E-Mail reminder on ELECTION DAY about your vote swap agreement?
Morning       Afternoon       Evening

This primary day E-mail reminder will contain a link for you to click on once you have voted. This will automatically send an email to your trading partner telling them you voted as agreed. (You will get one of these when your trading partner confirms they voted as agreed). If you or your trading partner don't confirm during this time block on election day, that person will get another brief reminder emailed to you as a gentle nudge (or an hour before poll closing time if no confirmation has been recieved by then).

You can use this comment box to tell the person who will be assigned as your trader whatever you want to tell them. Contact info, or messages about your reliability or whatever. It will be emailed to them as soon as a match is made.