Kai Winchell
Born June 27, 2006
son of Jeff Winchell

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Dec 31Playing with his sister Phoebe
Nov 15Feeding the ducks (part 3)
Nov 14Feeding the ducks (part 2)
 Feeding the ducks (part 1)
Aug 30Kai takes a trip to Lake Seeburg
Aug 18Kai and Jeff strolling down Goethe Alle
Jun 27 (Birthday!)One of Kai's many new cars
 Kai blows out his candles
 Kai wants to eat sand
 Kai plays ball with Kirstin and his Opa
 Birthday BBQ with friends
 Kai and Derrick play Bumper Bobby Car
 Mareile gets in on the action
Jun 22Sunday Picnic
 More on Kai's favorite subject
 Baby Carriage Stroll Pt 2, but Kai real goal appears at the end - his favorite subject
 Kai takes his sister out for a stroll
Jun 21Taking his first car out for a test drive
 Singing (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and his own composition)
Jun 20His first sentence in English

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