Phoebe Nora Krist
Born April 10, 2008
to Jeff Winchell and Stephanie Krist

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Apr 10, 2008Two and half hours old, and 62 hours since labor began.
Apr 10Early vocabulary
Apr 10
13 hours old - hiccups
Apr 11
Kai sees his sister for the first time
Apr 12Sleeping will be a recurring theme for her first month
Apr 19
She's bored
Apr 19Dad makes a good bed... and a passable source of food
Apr 26
Kai arranges to meet Phoebe downtown
May 5Phoebe takes a good long look at Dad
May 9Kai attempts a Vulcan mind meld in Dad's first attempt at taking care of two kids by himself
May 14A pleasant day on the town
May 17I know kung fu
May 23
Mom speaks a strange language that only Phoebe understands
May 24Her first hug from her Opa (grandpa)
Jun 1
I'm done sleeping. Get me out of this thing
Jun 7
Kai attempting to help Phoebe
Jun 18She's so happy she could drool
Sep 5Phoebe wishes Viola Happy Birthday
Nov 7She loves my hat
Mar 13, 2009Phoebe learns Guitar from Kai
Apr 10, 2009Phoebe's First Birthday
Aug 9, 2009Phoebe just started walking a month ago
Apr 18, 2010Spring is here
Jun 27, 2010Phoebe at Kai's Fourth Birthday Party
Jul 25, 2010Phoebe and Kai at the tractor playground
Oct 3, 2010Phoebe loves to Bounce like Tigger
Apr 10, 2011Phoebe's Third Birthday
Jun 19, 2011Phoebe at her favorite restaurant (Indian) for Father's Day
Jul 26, 2011Phoebe gets ready to see Kai
Jul 26, 2011Phoebe takes control as Spiderman (Kai) is on lookout at the tractor playground
Sep 18, 2011Phoebe and Kai are playing
Nov 8, 2011Phoebe's favorite thing to eat is brownies!