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    A Poll for Autocrossers

    What is Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type
    What is your Type? If you don't know, take this 5 minute test.

    ESTJ - Execution Saves the Job/Guardian Supervisor
    ISTJ - I Schedule Thorough Jobs Guardian Inspector
    ESFJ - Extra Special Friendly Joiner/Guardian Provider
    ISFJ - I Serve Family Joyfully/Guardian Protector
    ESFP - Extra Special Friendly Person/Artisan Performer
    ISFP - I Seek Fun and Pleasure/Artisan Composer
    ESTP - Everyone Seems Too Proper/Artisan Promoter
    ISTP - I See The Problem/Artisan Crafter
    ENTJ - Executives Need Tough Jobs/Rational Field Marshal
    INTJ - It's Not Thoroughly Justified/Rational Mastermind
    ENTP - Each New Thought Propels/Rational Inventor
    INTP - It's Not Theoretically Possible/Rational Architect
    ENFJ - Enthusiastically Need to Facilitate Jobs/Idealist Teacher
    INFJ - Inner Nuances Fosters Journey/Idealist Counselor
    ENFP - Expect us Never to Follow the Plan/Idealist Champion
    INFP - I Never Find Perfection/Idealist Healer

    Current Results