I killed Kenny.... You bastard. But now he's back

Solo II

January is never to early to autocross

Open Track

Turn 9 at Portland International Raceway

Open Road Racing

Nevada Open Road Challenge Starting Line - Ready to Reach 160 MPH

Solo I

NWR/SCCA Solo I Practice Laps at Bremerton Raceway

Fast cameras make 100+ mph look like it's standing still (except for the antenna). Click on image to see larger photo.


Dueling a Camaro SS at a Seattle ProSolo

Learning and Practicing

Car Preparation


3-piece forged lightweight (20#) aluminum 17x10 front and 17x11 rear wheels custom built by John Purner of Complete Custom Wheels - supplier to Solo II National Champions and Motorola Cup road racers. Tires are 275/40/17 Kumho V700 on front with 315/35/17 on the rear. This combo works for Solo II, Solo I, Open Track and Hillclimbs. For high speed open road racing I run BFG gForce KD Y rated tires (245/45/17) on my original wheels. For street and some open tracks I run '96 SVT Cobra wheels and BFG Comp TA 245/45/ZR17 tires.


Engine is balanced, blueprinted, port-matched, and overbored 0.030 (283 cubic inches) by Sean Hyland Motorsports Fuel ignition at wide open throttle is adjusted through an Autologic chip tuned by Chris Johnson. Other power items: SHM custom-ported BBK throttle body, SHM equal length long tube race headers, SHM hi-flow H-pipe (cats have been gutted),SVO IMRC delete kit, ProM-77 MAF, K&N Filtercharger, ASP piggyback pulleys, Magnecor Race spark plug wires and NGK TR-55 spark plugs gapped to .054, SVO steel billet flywheel, Mobil 1 oil, Canton road race oil pan (10 qt system), Amsoil transmission and power steering fluid, Redline differential fluid. Pro 5.0 shifter

"...and another thing, when I gun the motor I want people to think the world is coming to an end."
- Homer Simpson

Horsepower is 315 @ 5800 RPM and Torque is 307 @ 5100 RPM corrected, at the rear wheels.


Springs and shocks are tuned by Kenny Richins. 260-280# variable rate H&R Race springs are on the rears. On the left front is a 700-760# variable rate H&R spring. On the right front is a 650# Kenny Brown spring. Koni 95 Cobra R Sport Double Adjustable strut and shock set are set to full soft except for the strut's lower setting which is 1/2 turn off full soft. Maximum Motorsports aluminum panhard rod, Steeda camber/caster plates, Steeda offset poluyurethane lower control arm bushings, 99 Cobra Convertible subframe connectors welded in per Ford TSB.


Removed rear seat - per 95 Cobra R backdate/update rules, run almost no gas, rollbar removed.


SCCA Solo I approved 4 pt bolt-in roll bar from Autopower (not installed for important Solo II events), Simpson gloves, Sparco 5 pt camlock harness, MRI arm restraints, AutoPro SFI 5 suit, nomex socks, Bell M2 helmet (full-face SA95). When the speeds get higher, Sparco Pedals and Simpson racing shoes make heal-toe shifting much easier and safer. Castrol SRF synthetic brake fluid - expensive initial purchase but you won't bleed off fluid until your ready to change it a 12-18 months later. Baer steel-braided front brake lines - an absolute requirement for 96-98 SVT Cobras planning on doing high-speed road racing/open track. Hawk Plus front brake pads will handle the high temperatures of Solo I, otherwise I use street-type pads (i.e. from NAPA) for autocross and the street. Custom roll bar cover by Durham's Sunroofs and Upholstery hides the uncomplementary, but SCCA Solo I required rollbar padding

Other Car Info

Show Ready
It would be a good show car if I can find enough time between racing to get it ready :)
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